DFM1 - Digital Filter Module

DFM1 - A Filter UGen for SuperCollider

DFM1 is a port for SuperCollider of Tony Hardie-Bick's DFM1 digital filter module. It is an accurate model of an analog filter and provides low-pass and high-pass filtering. The filter can be overdriven and will self-oscillate at high resonances.

Audio examples


The best way to obtain DFM1 is to download the source code and compile it yourself. Compilation and operation has been tested on OS X and Linux. It may be possible to compile it on Windows with some tweaking, contact me if you have any success with this. Build instructions can be found in the readme file included with the source code.

A precompiled version is available for OS X, this was built on an X86 64bit Mac running OS X 10.6 it hasn't been tested on other machines so your mileage may vary.

Source code (.tar.gz)

Binary for OS X 10.6 (.tar.gz)

Binary for OS X 10.4 (.tar.gz)

DFM1 is included in the SC3-Plugins package




25/01/2011: Original release


DFM1 was written by Tony Hardie-Bick. Porting to C++ and conversion to a SuperCollider UGen was done by Jonny Stutters with assistance from Tony.


DFM1 is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. Full licensing information is included with the downloads above.