Rob Munro was kind enough to upload a recording of the set I played at The FleaPit last Thursday. Download it and have a listen if you weren’t able to make it along.

I was pleased with how it went on the whole (and was offered another gig afterwards so it can’t have sounded too bad). The main problem was that it took me a couple of minutes to settle into a groove which isn’t ideal from the point of view of hooking people in who might be thinking about popping to the bar. I’m not entirely sure how to deal with this in the framework of improvising everything. The best idea I’ve had so far is to take a leaf out of the big book of chess and learn a bunch of opening gambits that I can quickly get going and then build on. Obviously this isn’t really improvising any more but I think it’d be less constraining than turning up with an initial groove saved as a pattern.

On the technical side of things, I really want an arpeggiator function within the sequencer but I’m not sure how to implement this within the interface of the Launchpad just yet. Apart from that everything performed very well and I didn’t run into any bugs despite the labyrinthine mess that the code as become.