It’s been hell of quiet around here recently so I figure I’d put in a quick post covering what I’ve been up to for the past couple of months (not blogging obviously). The main thing was a Reactable and Processing with Vanessa McKeown, a student at Chelsea College of Art & Design. There’s a whole heap of information about that Vanessa’s project blog. The main thing I learnt on this is that debugging problems relating to the detection properties of the Reactable (i.e. detected markers jittering and so on) is really time consuming and coping tactics need to be built into the software early on. We didn’t do this and it caused a lot of bother as the deadline approached. If you’re building a Reactable yourself, get it working a long way before your deadline.

More recently I’ve been helping out with Dimitris Mylonas' online colour naming system. I’ve learnt a lot about AJAX in the course of that, which is bound to come in handy for anything else I end up doing that’s online and interactive in anything more than a superficial way. It was also good to apply Numpy to something new - so much better than Matlab. That project got a brief mention in The Economist.